National Association of Women

Highway Safety Leaders, Inc.

National Association of Women

Highway Safety Leaders, Inc.

“Bee a Buckler” Safety Program

P. O. Box 76722

Atlanta, Georgia 30358


PURPOSE/MISSION: The Bee A Buckler Safety Program is a non-profit, tax exempt organization to increase public awareness of the importance of using safety belts, proper use of child safety and booster seats, and other safe driving practices.


PROGRAM APPROACH: To encourage and increase safety belt and child safety/booster seat usage, and other safe driving practices, the Program offers suggestions and assistance for schools, businesses and community projects, and provides information regarding procurement of educational incentives including “Bee a Buckler" membership/pledge cards and membership buttons, bumper stickers, dashboard decals, stickers, and other related materials.  Safety videos are available on a loan basis and speaker presentations can be arranged with advance notice.  The Program Coordinator works closely with each group requesting assistance, including providing referrals to additional resources from the public and private sectors; coordinates volunteers for safety presentations and safety fair exhibits at shopping malls and other events; and networks with other local, state and federal traffic safety agencies and organizations.  A professional “Buckler Bee" mascot costume is available on a loan basis, as well as a children's outfit.


BACKGROUND: Started in 1969 in Atlanta (Sandy Springs), Georgia, by Jennie Glasgow in an effort to educate and encourage her Girl Scout Troop to use their safety belts, the program has expanded from a local community project to an international program including “Bee a Buckler" clubs in all states, as well as clubs in five other countries (Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland and England).  The recipient of numerous safety awards and commendations, the “Bee a Buckler" program has been cited by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as the “forerunner of community occupant protection programs" in the nation.  Ms. Glasgow has twice been honored by the National Safety Council for her pioneering volunteer work in occupant safety.  In 2000 she was awarded the prestigious “World Traffic Safety" Award in New York City, and in 2009 she received the prestigious "NHTSA Safety Champion Award".


When the “Bee a Buckler” program began in 1969, Ms. Glasgow offered it to the Georgia Association of Women Highway Safety Leaders who used it as their priority project.  Other state NAWHSL associations also have used the program over its many years of its existence, and it continues to be offered to NAWHSL and other organizations who wish to adopt it.  Although the program is copyrighted, permission will be given to use it as long as its guidelines are followed.


CONTACT INFORMATION:   For further information or permission to use the program at no charge, contact Jennie Glasgow, Founder and Coordinator, at 770/393-3136; e-mail; or visit




The Agnes Beaton Memorial Fund is dedicated to the memory of Agnes Beaton, founder of the National Association of Women Highway Safety Leaders.  She was a pioneer of community-based traffic safety programs who was adept at reaching out to diverse groups and individuals and uniting them in the mission of saving lives and preventing injuries on roadways throughout our country.



"Screening Older Drivers for Driver Difficulties"

Please watch for more information on this program developed by Elaine Crow, the NAWHSL Maryland state representative.



"Helmet Protection for Riders of All-Terrain Vehicles"

Please watch for more information on this program developed by Vivian Speight-Bridges, the NAWHSL North Carolina state representative.


 "Kids 'Otter' Buckle Up in Mississippi"

In 2009 the "Ollie Otter" program developed in Tennessee will be brought to schools in Mississippi for Kindergarten through second grade.  Volunteers and program partners are being enlisted to make the program possible.  Kay Brodbeck of the Mississippi Women Highway Safety Leaders is implementing this program.  Please contact her for further information:  601-924-7815



"Kids in the Car" Seat Belt Program

Please watch for more information on this program developed by Cynthia McKay who is involved with both the Ohio and Washington State Women Highway Safety Leader programs.  She can be reach at 206-824-9674.